gruff rhys

Aberystwyth- 14/02/2005 Theatre Y Weri, Arts Centre This gig was the last of the tour, but still Gruff put on a fantastic show, and was the best one of the three that I went to.  The audience were more quiet this time, as they seemed stunned into silence by Gruff's dreamy voice emphasized by the acoustics of the theatre. The set included most of the songs from Yr Atal Genhedlaeth, along with a few SFA and Ffa Coffi Pawb songs, interspersed with Gruff's accolades and banter, and once again everyone was in hysterics over the Velcro Horn. Gruff used a variety of keyboards, toys and samplers to accompany his completely solo set, which was an amazing sound to be made by a one man band. Highlights of the set were Lluchia Dy Fflachlwch Drosta I, Allan O'i Phen, Pwdin Wy 1 and 2 and Cryndod Yn Dy Lais. Once again the set was ended with a cover of Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw where he was joined on stage by support Alun Tan Lan and Kerrdd Dant and MC saizamundo. Setlist (not all in order): Gwn Mi Wn Epynt Pwdin Wy 1 Pwdin Wy 2 Breichiau Hir Y Gwybodision Caerffosiaeth Sarn Helen Ambell Waith Y Teimlad Ni Yw Y Byd Allan O'i Phen Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw