pep le pew, kafc, winabego

Bangor- 20/11/2004 Railway Club There was a big line up for the gig to raise money for next years Eisteddfod in the Railway Club.  The night started with three student bands who mostly played covers, but thankfully had short sets as they were pretty dreadful. Next on were the highlight of the night Winabego, who played a short but energetic set, including most of the songs from their new EP, although the crowd weren't as aroused as in the previous weeks gig in Cardiff. Next on were Kentucky AFC, who were the next best act of the night, and the crowd started to wake up and dance during their set. KAFC played a very rocky and sweaty set. By the time headliners Pep Le Pew came on the audience was in full swing and were dancing to their rap/hip-hop which went on well into the night (well for a Bangor gig anyway!) All in all it was a brilliant night, well worth the hike up to Bangor!