super furry animals

Barry- 06/07/2005 Memorial Hall The band came on dressed in their new lightsuits, glowing green in the dark to the brilliant Slow Life. After arousing the crowd with Rings Around the World, they went into their new, more laid back songs, starting with Ohio Heat.  Although the new songs are a lot more laid back than some early SFA albums, they have plenty of potential, including the truly amazing Zoom, an epic song with choral backing and lush melodies.  Another highlight of the new songs is Frequency, which is a beautiful song. At the end of the set SFA played old classics like Something For The Weekend and Ice Hockey Hair, which got the crowd moving again, before ending with the usual Man Don't Give a Fuck including the bands end credits fetauring Gruff 'G-Unit' Rhys, 'Sir' Guto Pryce, Daf 'DB' Ieuan, Cian 'Paps' Ciaran and Huw 'Bunfadlic' Bunford, as well as the rest of the crew!  A brilliant gig in all, although it was a shame a lot more of the crowd didn't know some of the brilliant new songs yet to be able to appreciate them as much.