super furry animals

Brecon Market Hall -12/08/2004 Super Furry Animals overcame the threat of the local petition from local residents, even though the gig was moved from a marquee to a smaller venue at the Market Hall, to play the opening night for at the Brecon Jazz Festival. The band had lost the visuals for the gig, but started off with the usual, and amazing Slow Life. They also previewed their new album with a new track The Gateway Song which was short and sweet, and a bit Fuzzy Logicesque. Another highlight of the set was a seldom played Cryndod Yn Dy Lais, which a lot of the audience didn't seem to know for some reason sadly.   Mid set Gruff introduced Juxtaposed with a stand against the petition, complaining that the residents of Brecon thought SFA would bring sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll to Brecon and leave heroin needles on the pavements of their town, when after all the pioneers of Jazz 'were all smackheads'!! SFA finished their set with some old favourites which got the crowd moving a bit more towards the end, finishing again with the extended techno version of The Man Don't Give A Fuck. The setlist is on the next page, Zabrinski review in the other bands section.