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Bridgwater- 10/09/2005 The Palace SFA started the set in their warm up for the tour with the now signature Slow Life, with Gruff singing inside the power ranger helmet, before going into Rings Around The World, which they managed to mess up in style, with Gruff commentating to the backing, whilst they tried to tune up to play the song properly. Zoom was the highlight song of the set, and sounded even better live with the great acoustics of the venue, and the band's suits glowing green as the lights were turned down. They played a selection of old favourites such as Ice Hockey Hair and Something For The Weekend, alongside a selection of new songs from Love Kraft. During Calimero, as the audiences energy increased, the SFA crew all donned chicken hats appropriately! The set was ended again with the trademark Man Don't Give a Fuck, which fitted appropriately to the energetic set they played, the only shame was they had to come off at 10pm so the techno ending was a lot shorter than usual.