super furry animals

Bristol -19/10/2003 Colston Hall The lights went off for the beginning of the set with the horses galloping and the intro on the video screen, but then the music went silent-the computer was buggered, so the lights had to come on again while they sorted out the technical hitch!  Gruff in the meantime wrote an apology on a piece of paper viewed on the video screen. Eventually the problem was sorted and SFA came on to Slow Life, but due to the bastard curfew at Colston Hall they had to cut a couple of songs from the set.  Unfazed by the technical problems SFA did yet another storming set, although the Bristol crowd didn't seem as interested as the other gigs, and throughout the techno part lots of people were shouting "boring!"Twats. Gruff brought back the Power Ranger outfit which was missing from the previous night's gig, and once again they went out in their furry Golden Retriever outfits to The Man Don't Give A Fuck.