gruff rhys

Bristol- 29/05/2006 The Cube Gruff came on stage to a keyboard demo of Venus, and sat down to perform a gig of songs mixed with banter and stories. After losing the setlist he started on Gwn Mi Wn, sampling vocals and chords, so that by the end of the song he could sit down to smoke a cigar whilst the song carried on playing.  A variety of keyboards, samplers, tamburas and guitars were used (including his guitar with velcro-horn) to create the instrumention of a whole band. Once again the audience were sampled doing animal noises for the intro to Pwdin Wy 1+2, and a special boot was put on to do stomping for Psyclone. Gruff was joined onstage for a few songs by Lisa Jen of 9Bach, including a Meic Steven's cover of Y Brawd Houdini. A couple of new songs were played, Science and Fiction and Cycle of Violence, alonside old songs Epynt and Y Gwybodusion. The set was brought to a close with Caerffosiaeth, before he returned to do an encore with Lisa Jen again, which concluded a brilliant and amusing gig.