super furry animals

Cardiff International Arena -02/04/2004 Review This was the second leg of the Phantom Power UK tour, and SFA started with (now regular) Slow Life, which would have been the usual epic sound sensation, only the sound system at the front was utter crap for the first half of the gig. The crowd also seemed very placid through the first half of the gig even though SFA played some old classics like God!Show Me Magic, but by the second half when they played a rare live song, Some Things Come From Nothing the crowd had succumbed to the brilliance of the Furries and were reacting (and sweating more). They ended the gig in the standard Man Don't Give A Fuck with interval techno set, and regardkess of the initial sound problems, SFA played an amazing, mindblasting gig in a welcome return to Cardiff! (for setlist see page 2 of this section)