SFA setlist-cardiff  CIA 12/10/2001

Review The Rings Around The World Tour played a lot of the songs off the at the time recently released new album.  Support came from Teflon Monkey and a rap group (can't remember the name). The stage was filled with video screens which showed off the RATW DVD videos, and when the band came on stage they were shown walking from the backstage area on the screens (which seemed about a mile away) to the stage where they had a roaring reception. They ended in Gweriddiau Dwfn for a change interspersed with the Best Mind Fuck Yet techno set, with gimp suited wrestlers fighting each other during the techno. After seeing SFA at many gigs for years, this was probably my favourite of the lot!

I didn't have a camera at this gig or any other gigs that I've been to that are not featured on this web- shite hence the lack of pictures here!!