super furry animals

Cardiff- 03/05/2006 The Point SFA returned to the Point for their first UK gig of 2006.  The light suits have now gone, and they ripped into God! Show Me Magic to start with, followed by Drygioni.  The set then went into songs from Love Kraft, the highlight being Zoom, but unfortunately Frequency was missing from the set.  Some old classics were played including Ice Hockey Hair, and the amazing Receptacle For The Respectable which brought the middle of the set to a close, before returning with the phenomenal Slow Life and the now traditional Gruff singing in a Power Rangers helmet. One major disappointment of the gig was the quality of the sound production.  Using a new engineer for the first time, the sound was seriously flawed, with some instrumental and vocal parts completely gone from the mix.  This meant the songs were recognisable, but not up to the usual superb standard, which was a real shame.  Apart from this (and still no variation in the closing song) it was still a good gig.