super furry animals

Cardiff The Point -30/09/2004 Super Furries played a warm up gig for Lightning Fryday in The Point in Cardiff Bay, an old converted church. There was no support, so SFA played 2 very different sets, although both equally brilliant. The first set consisted of the more mellow songs, and unforunately some of the less played live, some of the highlights being Gweirddiau Dwfn, Hometown Unicorn and Down a Different River, although all of the songs were as worthy of the set as the other.  The band also managed to cram a strings and brass section onto the small stage as well for accompaniment which was brilliant, with a total of 14 people on stage at one point! The second main set consisted of the more usual set played live, although contained the much requested Ice Hockey Hair.  The crowd were also warmed up by the first set and were now in more of a dancing mood, also including an idiot who decided to crowd surf, although due to the small scale of the venue there was no where for them to go!  The set was once again closed with the now current single, The Man Don't Give a Fuck and naturally the crowd went mad! The two sets were amazing in true SFA warm-up gig style, it's just a shame they don't play more warm-up gigs in Cardiff!