gruff rhys

Cardiff- 13/02/2005 Sherman Theatre Gruff Rhys came on to a cheesy Casio keyboard backing with the stage adorned with disco rope, wearing his sun visor to start the set with Gwn Mi Wn.  He sampled the verse so that by the end of the song he could sit down and light a cigarette whilst the vocals continued.  This gig was the only one on the tour where Gruff gave some English translations to his repertoire which was all in Welsh on the other dates, and showed the audience his invention, the 'Velcro Horn' to attach to the guitar for people who play theirs upside down after he went through the story of how he became to play the guitar upside down.  Once again for Pwdin Wy 2 the audience were ingeniously sampled making 'countryside' noises and used as backing for the song, which was one of the highlights of the set. He also played a new SFA song Colonise The Moon, along with a couple of other Super Furries songs, another highlight being the beautiful Cryndod Yn Dy Lais. Cheap Casio keyboards were used to make samples and sound effects along with a few toys, which were all sampled as backing for a lot of the songs, which were interspersed with comic banter and stories from Gruff, which made a very different set from the usual SFA gigs, yet an amazing and ingenious set. Setlist (not all in order): Gwn Mi Wn Epynt Gwybodision Breichiau Hi Cryndod Yn Dy Lais Pwdin Wy 1 Pwdin Wy 2 Ambell Waith Colonize The Moon Sarn Helen Caerffosiaeth Ni Yw Y Byd Y Teimlad Chwarae'n Troi'n Chwerw