super furry animals

Coventry- 24/05/2005 The Colisseum SFA played their first ever gig in Coventry to a howling crowd.  They came on to the brilliant Slow Life, and played Rings Around The World before launching into their new songs.  Bunf sang lead on The Horn, and Daf and Cian were lead on Atomik Lust, whilst Gruff was lead on two of the standout new tracks, Frequency and Zoom. Gruff also played Colonise The Moon, a track that was previewed on his previous solo tour, using samples of the crowd making rural sound affects, and also using Blodwen, the singing bird in a cage!  The set was ended with some classics such as Something For The Weekend and Ice Hockey Hair, before the usual outro of the Man Don't Give a Fuck, with a different techno ending, although as the band don't have costumes for this tour, they didn't return to the stage at the end, much to the audiences approval.  The gig in all was a brilliant, atmospheric set and a very promising preview of Love Kraft.