super furry animals

Dundee- 28/05/2005 Fat Sam's The atmosphere was electric, and the crowd eagerly anticipating the start of the set chanting SFA OK, SFAOK, Super Furry Animals! SFA OK! The band came on to Slow Life with Gruff donning his Power Ranger helmet mid song.  At the third listen to the new songs they were sounding even better, particularly Ohio Heat with its very catchy chorus, and Frequency, I sing I instantly fell in love with at the first play of the new stuff.  The epic Zoom was the next new song, with its huge ending, before Atomik Lust with Daf and Cian on lead.  Cloudberries was another jingly tune, of which the beginning sounds very similar to Cityscape Skybaby. Unfortunately Colonise The Moon had to be dropped from the set, as Gruff only got as far as sampling Blodwen the bird before the guitar broke down during the first line of the song, so instead Gruff had to describe what the song was going to be about instead! Next was the classic Juxtaposed with you, culminating in the more upbeat songs at the end of the set, including new song Laser Beam and old favourites Something For The weekend and Ice Hockey Hair, before ending with the usual Man Dont Give a Fuck, although the techno ending seemed shorter than at previous gigs on the tour. All in all was an absolutely amazing gig, with the crowd well into it, even though half of the set were brand new songs, with an energetic set that left me reeling.