SFA setlist-edinburgh 07/08/2003

-I accidently cut Slow Life and RATW off the top of the setlist on the scan, which were the first two songs!! That's what happens when you put a setlist on A3!! Review The atmosphere was electric in an extremely hot and sweaty Queen's Hall during the heatwave of Edinburgh Fringe festival. The band started with the epic Slow Life, and went through a mixture of tracks from most of the albums, once again playing Welsh tracks which were sadly lacking from the Move Festival setlist. SFA had a few cock-ups in the middle which of course they acted out in style, with brilliant Acid Casuals techno in the middle, almost turning the venue into the rave feeling of Pesda Roc, and ending with the obligatory Man Don't Give a Fuck in the Golden Retriever yeti outfits, very brave for the temperature in there!! All in all one of the best SFA gigs i've been to, well worth the 600 mile hike each way!