super furry animals

Glasgow- 15/09/2005 Barrowlands SFA arrived on stage in style as usual, this time in a golf buggy with SFA OK number plates!  The band got off the buggy and went into The International Language Of Screaming whih triggered a power cut on stage, so in true SFA mess-up style, Gruff went into an impromtu performance of Fire In My Heart, only with the chorus lyrics replaced with "I've got a power cut for you"! Once power was restored they then went into the setlist, starting a very energetic set, which the audience reciprocated. Most of the early set was songs from Love Kraft, before ending the first half of the set with oen of the highlights Receptacle For The Respectable.  They then returned to the stage with Slow Life which seemed so much better in the middle of the set instead of as the usual intro, and the last half was some of their more energetic songs such as Do Or Die and Ice Hockey hair, before the set which glowed as much as their light suits ended with The Man Don't Give A Fuck.