super furry animals

Glasgow Tramway -29/04/2004 SFA played a one off gig as part of the Tryptych festival, it was well worth the trip up to Glasgow, as it was one of the best SFA gigs I have been to in a while. The crowd were lively in anticipation and the set started with Slow Life, and the following songs were pretty much the same to that on the Phantom Power tours. Later in the set they played some rarely seen live songs with the brilliant Cryndod Yn Dy Lais.  SFA then managed to play MotherFokker with Goldie Lookin Chain on the video screen (or according to Gruff, streamed live from Wembley Arena).   Some of the highlights were Wherever I Lay My Phone That's My Home and Nightvision which are very rarely played recently while Gruff  walked around in his power ranger helmet throwing leeks into the crowd. The atmosphere was electric as SFA drew the set to a close with  The Man Don't Give A Fuck (minus the Yetis) with an extended techno part which seemed to have most people for a change (see the next page for the full setlist)