gwyl macs 2006

Carmarthen-02/09/2006 The Showground, Nantyci The Gwyl Macs was set out in the Carmarthenshire countryside when the rain was belting down and gale force winds blowing, but luckily the main stage was in a large cowshed.  I missed pretty much everything on the second stage, but on the main stage the line-up was packed, so a lot of bands had short sets, my day starting with Radio Luxembourg, who played a lot of catchy jingly-jangly sounding tunes. After them was Texas Radio Band who have been performing seldomly recently, but still proved they can pull off a good set.  Next on was an even rarer performance from Kentucky AFC who also made a welcome return with a rocky set.  Poppies were after, who were one of the highlights of the festival who played a selection of their ever increasing setlist including the obligatory Sex Sells.  Bravecaptain afterwards played an amazing set with a full band line-up which worked extremely well.  Euros Childs on afterwards was my highlight band of the night and played a lively, energetic songs including Hi Mewn Socasau and Dawnsio Dros Y Mor.  Killa Kella did his usual beatboxing and afterwards The Crimea played a great set, but outstayed the stagemanagers welcome so ended with their cover of Jealous Guy in complete darkness before eventually being faded out.  Nicky Wire had a lot of pre-set expectations, but came on to play quite a bland, not very interesting set.  My night ended before the Automatic came on stage-shame.  Overall it was an amazing festival, and will be great to see it return even bigger next year.