super furry animals

London- 22/09/2005 Brixton Academy The band came on stage in their SFA OK golf buggy before getting out and ripping into an energetic International Language Of Screaming. The lights went down for one of the highlights of the set, the epic Zoom as SFAs suits glowed green in the darkness. The set then went into a selection of songs from Love Kraft, before the first half of the set was ended with the amazing Receptacle For The Respectable, complete with Gruff chomping on celery during the third part of the song.  The set was reopened with the now classic Slow Life, with Gruff crooning the second verse from beneath his Power Ranger helmet.  Old classics like Do Or Die and Ice Hockey Hair went down well with the crowd, before the Power Ranger helmet was donned once again, for the infrequently played Motherfokker featuring Goldie Lookin Chain dancing around and rapping on the stage, which was another highlight of the set. They closed (again) with The Man Dont Give A Fuck, in which at the end had a fantastic exit as they returned in their golf buggy, and seeing as the Brixton stage was big enough, drove around the stage in circles, chasing one of the GLC on an electric scooter, before the video shows them being loaded into the van on the golf buggy.  It was a brilliant ending to a great gig, even though the crowd werent as enthusiastic as they had been at other dates.