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London - 18/10/2003 Brixton Academy The current pictures are a bit blurry as these are my phone camera pictures, but there will be more London and Newport pictures along with Bristol pictures in the next week or so when I get the films developed. (Notice Gruff in a white shirt... what a white shirt?!! A gig rarity...) SFA Support Review Goldie Lookin Chain returned again, but unfortunately this time put on first, at the ealy time of 7:20pm, when there wasn't much of a crowd around to apprciate them.  With a terrible support sound system in the Academy the vocals were a bit echoey and lost, which is a shame when GLC's best point is their  lyrics.  Some of the 'Port slang and references were lost on some of the London crowd, but people seemed to perk up more during 21 Seconds To Blow, and Your Mum's Got A Penis. (Pictures on other bands page) Dead Meadow were on before SFA this time, but they didn't seem to go down too well with the crowd around me, who, during the 40 minute set (which seemed more like a couple of hours), were watching their watches, yawning and had their head in their hands, especially as the dodgy sound system meant the lead vocals couldn't be heard at all.