euros childs


Tamesis Dock


Of the 1000 or something gigs I've been to, this was the first one I'd been to on a boat!  The Tamesis Dock, moored to the banks of the Thames was sold out and crammed solid with people, so it was a good job it was low tide at the time and the boat was resting on the bank.

Euros played a few of the highlight songs from his new album Son of Euro Child, such as Like This, Then Try This and My Baby Joy, along with some older ones, a cover and a brand new song Clap a Chan.  Even though the boat had possibly the crappest PA system in the world on it with major distortion on everything, it was an amazing gig with the crowd shouting for more by the end of it, which they did get when the band came back for an encore.  In future I will be going to more gigs on boats. ( Almost used a bad pun there, but resisted.)