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London- 11/08/2005 Radio 1 Maida Vale Session SFA were recorded a session for Radio One as a preview for the Love Kraft album.  The sound was far more absorbing than in a gig, and they picked some of the best songs from the album, which sounded absolutely amazing from inside the studio.  They played eight tracks from the album, the highlights of which were Zoom, Frequency and Colonise The Moon.  They made a few cockup starts of Cloudberries, causing it to have 4 parts instead of 3, and afterwards Gruff did an interview with Bethan Elfin for the Bethan and Huw show.  There were a few old songs pencilled in on the setlist, but it seems they didn't have the time to play any of these, as Cian had to leave to go to a gig in France.  Daf was obscured from view when standing on the balcony in the studio, hence the lack of pictures of him, and the band (minus Cian) hung around to speak to the audience after.