super furry animals

Newport -15/10/2003 Newport City Live Arena These are only a few of the pictures I have from the gig, ones using flash coming later.  They are mostly of Gruff and Cian i'm afraid cos of a massive monitor in the middle of the stage blotting the rest of the band out from where I was standing!! REVIEW SFA playing their first ever gig in Newport started again with the epic Slow Life (with Power Ranger Gruff).  SFA are no strangers to technical problems though and for the first few songs no-one could hear a word gruff was singing or saying, but this was eventually sorted out, but the NCLA has a poor sound system compared to a lot of venues. After a few old(ish) classics like RATW and Do Or Die they showcased some Phantom Power tracks they haven't played before (pre UK tour) like Liberty Belle, Cityskyscape Baby, Sex, War and Robots and The Piccolo Snare.   After a fairly quiet start, towards the end of the set the crowd started to get going a lot more along to Calimero.  Although there was a sad lack of more Welsh songs, along with a missing Gwreiddiau Dwfn, they finished with the now standard set ender The Man Don't Give a Fuck, with 20 minutes of Acid Casuals techno (and flashing lights), before coming back on stage in the furry Golden Retriever outfits, along with Howard Marks and Goldie Lookin Chain, bringing the set to a humid and sweaty end.