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Friday 25th July 2003 went to Boobytrap night at Clwb Ifor Bach with Acid Casuals headlining.  Acid Casuals, Cian Ciarans side project were brilliant, basically playing a lot of the techno stuff you get in the live SFA sets and other tracks, but unfortunately no surround sound!!


Thursday 24th July went to Wichita Party at Moloko, Cardiff with SFA and Brave Captain DJs, although they had to split between the Rubbish night at Toucan as well, another great night though!


Saturday 2nd August went to Clwb Ifor Bach.  After going to several Zabrinksi gigs and having never actually seen the band play (always end up in a different room or bar or something), saw the band twice this week, saturday at Clwb, then later in the week supporting SFA in Edinburgh.  The set was quite good, the highlight being their cover of Topper's 'Something To Tell Her', brilliant!!


Thursday 7th August went on a VERY lengthy bus journey to Edinburgh to see SFA play at T in Fringe.  Was well worth it, with support from Zabrinski, was easily one of the best SFA gigs i've been to.


September 3rd haven't been up to anything much lately, everywhere's been pretty quiet unfortunately, although this weekend is Radio 1 in the City in Cardiff which should be alright (hey, it's free!!), then there are MC Mabon gigs coming up soon so expect pictures from that!!!


September 19th went to the Radio 1 Big Weekend on Sunday 14th where I saw Kosheen, The Darkness, Starsailor, Dido and Pink.  I would say that Pink was probably the most entertaining, although not normally my cup of tea!  The hyped up Darkness had the biggest crowd, although I honestly don't see what all the fuss is about, cos in my opinion all their songs sound the same and the singer sounds like his trousers are way too tight!!


September 20th hiked up to (not literally) rainy Bangor to see MC Mabon at the Railway Club.  Was a good gig, but seemed very short, with everyone left at the end going "Is that it?!"


September 23rd went to Boobytrap night Upstairs at the Garage in London with Kids With Toyz , MC Mabon and Bravecaptain.  KWT didn't show the porn video that they did last time I saw them so everyone didn't walk out through the middle like before!! MC Mabon and Bravecaptain were great, with the unfortunate Londoners standing at the back going on about "shitty Welsh noise." Twats.


September 26th, MC Mabon played at UWIC student's union, and I made my first visit there, even though this is supposed to be my fourth year at UWIC!  I feel that this was the best MC Mabon gig of the lot, as Gruff didn't seem as nervous as he did at the start of the tour, although he still had the same holy jumper on throughout!!


September 27th saw Kentucky AFC at Clwb Ifor Bach, they did a great Gorky's cover!


October 11th after a disappointing loss of Wales v Serbia went to see Pep Le Pew at Clwb Ifor Bach, supported by Winabego who I saw support MC Mabon in Bangor, and some other mediocre band.  Pep Le Pew packed the place out, but most of the people seemed to go downstairs part-way through their set!


October 15th went to see SFA play in my old hometown of Newport, in the new Newport 'City' Live Arena (5 mins from my old house and unsaviouraly in view of my ex's house, but also next to my old regular Best Kebabs for post-gig food).  I could never in a million years imagine SFA playing Maindee, Newport, but they did....see review in SFA section.


October 18th saw SFA with GLC at London Brixton Academy, brilliant as usual if not a bit too short.  Was going to pop and see David Blaine in his box, but didn't have the time.  Well he probably hasn't started rotting yet to SFA in Bristol tomorrow.


October 19th went to Bristol for the first time in six years to see SFA at Colston Hall, which was a bit of a bizarre venue where no drinking or smoking was allowed in the band area. What?!!  The venue was probably only about half full and the Bristol crowd weren't as enthusiastic as the other gigs, but still a good gig nonetheless.


November 27th after a long gap of there not being any gigs to go to (and after Wales losing the football the previous week) I saw Kentucky AFC and Zabrinski at Clwb Ifor Bach.  KAFC played a good set, with a punky/rock version of Gorky's Iechyd Da, whilst headliners Zabrinski played a seemingly short set which had a good reception from the not so big crowd.


November 29th saw Kids With Toyz and MC Saizamundo at Clwb Ifor Bach (yes, I virtually live there).  MC Saizamundo rapped alone to a backing track, and i'm surprised he didn't get tired pacing up and down the stage throughout the whole set!  Kids With Toys played a brilliant set which got most of the small crowd dancing, and ended with a new song (can't remember the name) which was a good crowd pleaser.


December 8th saw Broadcast at Clwb Ifor Bach and support.  I can't remember the name of the support(duh!), but they were the best support I've seen in a long time that i didn't intend to see.  The band features ex-members of Stereolab and was a sort of jingly, electronic band, great.  Headliners Broadcast did a rare Cardiff show, playing in almost complete darkness, lit only by the film projected onto a screen at the back of the stage.  Broadcast is a band I have liked for any years but this is the first time I've actually seen them, and they were fantastic.  the singer has an amazing voice which goes along with the pseudo electronic band.


December 13th went to Clwb Christmas Parti headlined by MC Mabon, with Maharishi, Mozz and Winabego.  Mozz are yet another band at Clwb who I've seen do a Gorky's cover, starting their set with a cover of Poodle Rockin', can't remember much else of the set.  Maharishi were not too memorable, and MC Mabon played an improved set from the initial mish-mash sets with the new band.   Gruff also proved he does own a change of clothes!


December 17th went to the Popscene Christmas party at Clwb Ifor Bach, but missed the band due to work, but they were crap anyway apparently.


December 31st went to the brilliant New Year's Eve party at Clwb Ifor Bach headlined by Goldie Lookin Chain, see new GLC section for pictures and review.  Pep Le Pew also played but missed them because was too busy drinking in the City Arms...shame!