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SFA News


November 29th SFA re-released Mwng, although the sleeve isn't as nice as the original version, but a record well worth getting if you (shamefully) haven't got it already!


August 12th SFA opened the Brecon Jazz Festival, and August the 13th  supported Air at the Eden Project, Cornwall.  

August the 14th they headlined the Summer Sundae festival in Leicester.

August 27th/28th played at Reading/Leeds Festival.

April, SFA played a gig in Glasgow as part of the Tryptych festival and have just finished their UK tour with Goldie Lookin Chain and Zabrinski.

March they played charity Barfly gig, February SFA won Best Single award with Golden Retriever at the annual Welsh Music Awards, but were beaten to the Best Rock Band award that they won last year by Lostprophets (boo)!!


Friday 1st October SFA played Lightning Fryday at the London Royal Festival Hall, support was from Rich James(Gorky's), Bravecaptain, Zabrinski and Mugison.


Saturday 2nd October they had Super Furry Saturday at the National Film Theatre in London where they will be previewing Songbook.


September the 27th The Man Don't Give a Fuck live version with the techno end was released and charted at number 16 in the charts, followed by Songbook on October 4th, a collection of all SFAs previous singles which will have a DVD version featuring all the videos which reached number 18 in the charts.


Thursday 21st October SFA(or Guto) did a support DJ set for Zabrinski at Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff.



My News


February 21st went to the Tew gig at Clwb Ifor Bach, my first gig in ages!! Headlined by the brilliant Texas Radio Band, with Kentucky AFC (did the usual Gorky's cover), MC Saizamundo and Mozz (no Gorky's cover this time).  Great bands and balloons, bubbles and sweets!  Next gig I go to will be SFA at Cardiff Barfly, can't wait!


March 5th went to the much awaited 'intimate' gig at the Barfly, although there seemed to be far more than the 150 people advertised.  SFA played a stripped down gig without all their fancy bits, but still a brilliant gig (although MS1 was way better and seemed a lot more intimate too seeing as a lot of big SFA fans I know either couldn't afford or didn't win tickets)


March 20th saw Zabrinski with Brave Captain at Clwb Ifor Bach.  The Brave Captain set wasn't very good this time, Zabrinski though were on top foem as they played their warm-up gig before the SFA tour.


March 25th went to see the briliant Texas Radio Band at the Toucan Club, although the set was cut a bit short by a technical hitch!


April 2nd Super Furry Animals at Cardiff International Arena, with Goldie Lookin Chain and Zabrinski in support.  An amazing gig and a welcome return to the CIA.


April 8th SFA at London Hammersmith Apollo with Goldie Lookin Chain and Zabrinski support.  The gig was a brilliant end for the tour, but also sadly an end for the Yeti's as well!


April 21st went to see Kidz With Toys at the Cardiff Barfly, which was a good gig complete with breakdancers, but unfortunately very empty.


April 29th went on a very long coach journey up to Glasgow to see SFA play at the Tramway as part of the Tryptych festival.  The jopurney was well worth it as it was one of the best gigs i have seen play in a long time, and miles better than the Phantom Power tours.  Support was The Mountaineers and Adem.


May 26th went to see my friend's band the Donde Stars supporting the very obscure and boring Rachel Stamp.  Left early to go to the regular Abri night at the Toucan for Pep Le Pew, who will soon be supporting GLC on tour.


June 2nd went to one of the first Boobytrap nights at the Toucan club, although it seemed that no one else was aware of it as there was no one there! Support was Camera, and headliners were the brilliant Kentucky AFC who Gruff Rhys came to watch as he says he'd never seen them before.


June 19th saw the last Texas Radio Band gig for a while (maybe ever) as they headlined the new Sebon record label  night in Clwb Ifor Bach.  As usual there were lots of bubbles to blow provided!  Also on the bill were MC Saizamundo and DJ Lladron as well as Rich from Gorky's DJing.


June 23rd was the second of the supposedly weekly Boobytrap nights at the Toucan Club headlined by Kids With Toyz who had just released their debut single.  Also on the bill was Kid Carpet who had a sample of a Furby!


June 24th went to Abri night at the Toucan, headlined by the Headcase Lads, and saw a bit of the rather mediocre Poppies too.


July 19th went to the monthly Sebon night in Clwb Ifor Bach, this time headlined by Lo Cut a Sleifar, with Kentucky AFC and Kids With Toyz, but unfortunately turned up too late to see KWT.  Although the night was quite empty, it was still a brilliant night (with bubbles)


July 24th went to one of the free All Back to Cardiff gigs at Clwb Ifor Bach.  It was headlined by Ankst's David Wrench who played a brilliant dark, electronic set.  Support band Hypokrit were also amazing, and the singer had on a gorgeous dress!


July 26th went to the Bravecaptain gig at Clwb Ifor Bach as part of the All Back To Cardiff gigs.  He played a good, dark electro set to a packed audience. Support Her Space Holiday were also quite good.


July 29th went to the Abri night at the Toucan headlined by Sherbet Antlers with support from Winabego.  The headliners were not very impressive, with Winabego being far superior.  They also played a Ffa Coffi Pawb cover which is always a good thing!


Friday 30th July went to the Cardiff Big Weekend except got there too late and missed Chas and Dave!  Went on the rides instead.


Saturday 31st July went to the second day of Big Weekend.  Missed most of the bands as was on the rides again, but saw the headliners The Fun Loving Criminals who played to a huge, packed crowd, and were the highlight of the bands playing.  Next went to the first night of the Eisteddfod in Newport, to the Maes B gig in TJs.  Got there just in time to catch Culprit One, and headliners Zabrinski, who played to a pretty empty venue which was a bit disappointing.


Sunday 1st August went to the last night of the Cardiff Big Weekend.   Saw a few bands, then headliners The Brand New Heavies.


Monday 2nd August went to Maes B in TJs and saw Goldie Lookin Chain doing a DJ set.  Reviews are in Eisteddfod section.


Tuesday 3rd August went to Maes B in TJs and saw Sibrydion, Gabrielle 25 and Auterberry.


Wednesday 4th August went to Maes B in TJs and saw Sherbet Antlers vs Llwybr Llaethog, Jakokoyak, Mozz and Winabego.


Thursday 5th August went to Abri at the Ebbw Bridge Club and saw Pep Le Pew soundcheck before going to Le Pub where Radio 1 was broadcasting live, with Rich James playing.  Next went to Maes B in TJs and saw Drumbago, Mwsog and Mattoidz.


Friday 6th August went to  the Compass Point festival in Cardiff where I saw Zabrinski (again) and Kentucky AFC before heading off to Maes B in TJs and saw Pep Le Pew, Lo-Cut & Sleifar and Ummh.


Saturday went to Maes B in TJs and saw Kentucky AFC, Ashokan and MC Saizamundo.


Thursday 12th went to see Super Furry Animals opening the Brecon Jazz Festival at the Market Hall,  a gig which was previously threatened by a petition, but thankfully went ahead. Support was yet again from Zabrinski.


Saturday 14th went up to Porthmadog for the Miri Madog festival.  Highlights were Winabego, Kentucky AFC and Pep Le Pew.  Also saw the Keys and Anweledig.



Thursday 26th went to the SFA warm up gig for Reading/Leeds festival at the Oxford Zodiac, for an intimate gig.  Support was, you guessed it, Zabrinski!


Friday 27th after a couple of hours sleep headed off for Reading Festival, but was gutted when turned up just after Goldie Lookin Chain had finished then nearly drowned in mud, with wellies back in Cardiff.  Another crap point was queuing for the GLC signing for an hour, only to be turned away near the front because the shitty Hives had to start their signing!  One highlight band was Peaches, with erotic backing dancers, then SFA were well worth the wait with GLC coming on for Motherfokker, and the Yeti's being resurrected at the end!


Saturday 28th now suffering from sleep deprivation went back to Cardiff to see Jakokoyak at Clwb Ifor Bach ho was brilliant.  Support from the Voices was rather boring.


Wednesday 1st September saw Acid Casuals at Moloko who played a brilliant techno set, although was a DJ set rather than a live set as when I saw them previously


Wednesday 9th September after Wales drew with Northerm Ireland in the World Cup qualifiers I went to the Toucan to see Pep Le Pew and Sibrydion.  Sibrydion were a lot better than when I saw them previously at the Eisteddfod and PLP were great.


Saturday 18th September was the Sebon night at Clwb Ifor Bach.  I saw a few songs of support Eryr who were pretty rubbish, then the brilliant Ashokan were headlining, who played a very energetic set.


Thursday 30th september went to Thundering Thursday, the Super Furry Animals warm-up gig for Lightning Fryday at The Point in Cardiff Bay.  The small venue was ideal for the sound, with SFA playing two different sets.


Friday 1st October was Lightning Fryday, an amazing set up with the whole venue taken over by the band with Rich James, Zabrinski, Bravecaptain and Mugison in support, with various furry activities to do in thr Royal Festival Hall.  Was heading to the aftershow party but my sister didn't want to go (grrr!)


Saturday 2nd October was Super Furry Saturday at the National Film Theatre where they previewed Songbook videos as well as a question and answer thing with Gruff and Bunf.

Afterwards went to the SFA boat party on HMS President on the Thames which had Gruff and Bunf DJing.


Wednesday 13th after a disappointing loss for Wales in the football again I went to the Maes B gig at the Toucan with Drymbago supported by Ummh. Drymbago seemed better than when I saw them previously at the Eisteddfod, and Ummh were joined on stage by Cravos and Aron and Edz from Pep Le Pew MCing which was cool.


Thursday 14th October saw The International Karate Plus at Clwb but I was none too impressed by their fake american accents!


Thursday 21st October went to the Zabrinski gig at Clwb Ifor Bach in Cardiff, with Guto SFA DJing support, as well as some bizarre session artists who were booked at the last minute for support, who one of which was a band playing early 20th century hits, and another man was playing a very small guitar! The Zabrinski set was definitely one of the best I've seen the play, with more songs than the usual standard set of the same songs that is always played.


Saturday 6th November went to see Killa Kela at the Toucan who had a very enthusiastic crowd.  They played a few tunes and did some rapping and scratching and stuff and big-upped SFA who were mostly present.


Saturday 13th November was Sebon night at Clwb Ifor Bach.  Support were Gogs who were ok, but headliners Winabego were amazing.  The sound was brilliant and they played a good set.  The atmosphere was brilliant, the band were amazing, all and all was a fantastic night!


Saturday 20th November went up on the freezing Traws Cambria bus to Bangor to see Pep Le Pew, Kentucky AFC, Winabego, and three other bands below them who thankfully didn't play very long.  The highlight was Winabego, just a shame no one was dancing!  Review and pics now in the other bands section.


Friday 3rd Decemeber was the Maes B Christmas Party at Clwb. Turned up late so missed Mwsog and Maharishi, but got there in time for Kentucky AFC who played a brilliant set with a different set to the usual one.


Saturday 4th December was the Slow Graffitti Christmas party in Clwb, and yet again turned up late, and saw headliner Kid Carpet who was playing to a sell out crowd, which was very different to the previous time I saw him at a gig with about 10 people!



Friday 10th December went to see The Bluetones at the Barfly for a bit of nostalgia.  They played some songs off their first album which was good but the sound was pretty poor.  Also saw bizarre band Arthur Q in Callaghans.


Saturday 11th was Sebon/ night at Clwb Ifor Bach.  Only caught a couple of songs of the first band Plant Duw who were OK, the second band Fflur Dafydd were very folky and quite boring, but headliners Winabego were amazing as usual, the atmosphere was brilliant and everyone was dancing.


Thursday 16th December went to see The Charlatans at London Brixton Academy who played some old classics which were ok.


Friday 17th December went to the Abri xmas party at the Toucan.  Saw support band Ashokan who were good, but didn't think much of headliners Fuod at all.


Saturday 18th went to the Maes-E Parti Nadolig, diolch Crav!


Monday 20th went to see My Red Cell at Clwb Ifor Bach.  The support band the Little Flames were quite good with a good frontwoman, and My Red Cell played a great set, with singer Russell surfing into the crowd at the end.


Friday 31st December got a teensy bit drunk when went yet again to Clwb Ifor Bach.  Saw a bit of support The Poppies, and headliners Texas Radio Band played a welcome return gig, although unfortunately Clwb wasn't even barely half full.