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Friday 13th January 2006, for the first gig of the year went to see The Poppies at the Barfly, Cardiff.  They played as lively as ever with a set full of very catchy songs.


Wednesday 18th January went over to Newport to see Jakokoyak in the Riverside Tavern. A great set was played with mainly songs from the new EP, and the Newport audience seemed slightly more receptive than usual.


Wednesday 25th January, Wales was transported to London for the Welsh Music Foundation Night in the Camden Barfly, featuring The Poppies, Jakokoyak and Alun Tan Lan.


Friday 27th January was a great line up in Karl's Bar, Cardiff with The Keys, El Goodo, The Voices and the Shy Magnolias.


Saturday 11th February saw the last band on in Clwb Ifor Bach, Vanta, who were not very impressive.


Monday 13th February went to Spillers Records, where Euros Childs did a short six-track set to promote the release of his new album.  The shop was rammed, for the lovely acoustic (and keyboard) set, in which he played songs including previous single Donkey Island.


Wednesday 1st March was Saint David's Day, went to Callaghans in Cardiff ehere Gareth Bonello played a folky set, although most people just seemed to be talking over it.


Friday 3rd March, Callaghans again, Gareth Bonello again, but also Llwybr Llaethog and MC Sleifar DJing.


Wednesday 8th Match went to Cardiff Barfly where The Fall Of Troy were playing.  They were awful, just a mish-mash of random noise.  Thankfully support The Zico Chain were alright.


Friday 17th March saw Euros Childs in Canton Labour Club.  The set was brilliant, great tunes and entertaining banter.  The support Radio Luxembourg were also brilliant, although the sound system was rubbish.


Saturday 18th March went along to the Acid Casuals DJ night Technocrat, in the Tafod bar, where obviously there was a lot of techno played, and there was a good atmosphere.


Thursday 20th March saw the last couple of songs from Supergene in Callaghan's, which sounded good, but unfortunately turned up too late and missed the rest of the set!


Saturday March 25th went back to Newport to see Flyscreen play a very nostalgic gig, after not seeing them play for 8 years!  Played some great classics along with some new ones.


Saturday 8th April went to see The Keys at Clwb who played some brilliant new tracks.  They were supporting the Broken Family Band who were very country and westernesque.


Sunday 23rd April saw Richard James at the Point, Cardiff.  This was the first time I'd seen him with a full band line-up, and was very good.  Also playing were Sift Hearted Scientists.


Wednesday 26th April went to Callaghans to see Welsh folk legend Meic Stevens.  Was very surreal with the stage lit by Popeye on the projector due to there being no lighting equipment on stage, but other than that was a good set.


Friday 28th April saw Jakokoyak in the new(ish) Toucan Club, playing a solo set, which was more electronic than usual, but brilliant, even though the venue's sound wasn't too good.


Wednesday 3rd May saw Super Furry Animals play for the first time in the UK this year.  Was the usual amazing set, even though at point's the osund was a bit dodgy, as to be expected with their new sound engineer.  Support was Cate Le Bon, who was very good, although hard to hear over the constant chatting in the audience during her set.


Saturday 13th May went up to Aberystwyth with The Keys for a charity gig.  The crowd were very quiet, and the sound at the Arts Centre wasn't brilliant, but The Keys and the Poppies played great sets.  The Stories, Amy Wadge were also playing but missed their sets.


Friday 26th May saw the Poppies again in  a very hot and sweaty venue in Howard Gardens, Cardiff.  They played a brilliant set, including some new songs alongside the old classics. The support were the Threatmantics.


Monday 29th May saw Gruff Rhys solo gig in The Cube, Bristol.  He played an amazing set interspersed with banter.  Support 9 Bach, were also very good, and played a folky Welsh set.


Wednesday 31st May went up to the literary festival in Hay on Wye to see Super Furry Animals.  The set was loads better than the Point gig.  The set up was a seated affair, but couldn't be bothered with that so just went straight down the front instead, for an amazing gig.


Sunday 11th June went to Barfly Cardiff and saw Ludes who were ok.  Headliner Jamie T was singing poetic cockney songs, but sounded pretty awful when solo, then quite a lot better when joined by a band after a few songs.


Friday 16th June went to Barfly Cardiff (again) to see Psychic Spies.  Unfortunately missed the first half of the set, but the second half was goos anyway, lots of energy.


Saturday 17th June went up to the Maltsters in Whitchurch to see the Poppies who played a brilliant set.  Support were the Spencer McGarry Season, who were also very good with catchy tunes.


Wednesday 21st June went down to London to the O2 Wireless festival seeing as they decided to give  the tickets out for free! Saw bits and bobs of the Raconteers and The Strokes (ugh!), but the main attraction of course were SFA who played a brilliant condensed set, with a great crowd.


Saturday 24th June saw Radio Luxembourg play in Clwb Ifor Bach.  Something seemed missing from the sound, but they played a great set.


Saturday 1st July saw Sibrydion in Clwb Ifor Bach for the first time in ages.  They played a great set, and they want Glyn to win.


Wednesday 12th July went down to London to see El Goodo and the Shy Magnolias play in the Notting Hill Arts Club.  It didn't have the best soundsystem in the world, but both bands played a good set, to the packed, boiling club, with Gruff Rhys and Alan McGee DJing.


Thursday 12th July, back in Clwb Ifor Bach again, this time saw Euros Childs and Rich James do an acoustic set together, playing some old Gorky's classics.  Support was Cate Le Bon who was also very good.


Saturday 15th July, Clwb again and it was Texas Radio Band playing to a fairly empty room which was a shame, but still a good performance.


Thursday 27th July went to see the Poppies in an extremely hot Toucan club.  They played  a brilliant set with the usual hits alongside some more new ones.


Wednesday 2nd August saw The Keys in Clwb Ifor Bach.  They played a raw set, the best i've seen them play in ages, an amazing gig.


Thursday 3rd August, seems like deja-vu, but it was The Keys again, this time in Buffalo Bar.  It was another great performance, but the sound didn't quite match up to the previous one in Clwb.


Saturday 5th August was the second day of Big Weekend.  Saw an early afternoon performance from the Poppies, the first time i've seen them play on a festival stage, but still sounding good. Later on saw a bit of The Automatic (crap) and a few songs from Kubb.


Sunday 6th August was the final night of Big Weekend.  Felt tired and sick from too many funfair rides, and went to see Cerys Matthews.  She mostly played stuff from her newest solo album, including a song cowritten with Gruff Rhys, alongside a couple of Catatonia tracks, the highlight being Lost Cat.


Thursday 10th August went to Swansea for the Cymdeithas Yr Iaith gig as part of the Eisteddfod.  First on were Derwyddion Dr Gonzo who had lots of funny hats, Llwybr Llaethog followed who played a set with guests MC Sleifar, MC Chef and Geraint Jarman.  Radio Luxembourg were one of the highlights, followed by headliner Jakokoyak who played a solo set.


Saturday 12th August went to Maes B at the Eisteddfod where saw Radio Luxembourg who played a brilliant set, Drymbago and headliners Sibrydion complete with dancing girls and light show.


Friday 18th August went up to the Green Man Festival near Crickhowell, got there late so only sawa brilliant set by Gruff Rhys on the first night of the festival and a bit of Donovan who was weird, before escaping back to Cardiff away from the mud and rain.


Saturday 19th August trekked back up to the Green Man Festival, just in time for a great set from Euros Childs.  Also saw Bravecaptain, Silver Jews, Kieran Hebden and some other random bands that I can't remember.


Sunday 20th August, still in the Green Man, missed the Gruff Rhys in a cave gig, but saw Cymbient, 9Bach, Juana Molina, Marissa Nadler, Meic Stevens, Calexico and my highlight bands of the day were Richard James, and last minute addition to the bill Cerys Matthews.  Saw some other bands too, but also can't remember.


Saturday 2nd September went along to Carmarthen for the Gwyl Macs.  It was pissing down with rain all day, but thankfully the bands were all in a huge cow shed, with an amazing line-up, some of the highlights were Euros Childs, Poppies, Radio Luxembourg, Bravecaptain, Kentucky AFC and Texas Radio Band.  Nicky Wire was rather bland and thankfully left before The Automatic.


Friday 15th September was Bravecaptain and Zabrinski in The Point, both of whom were on top form, and the first time I had seen Zabrnski in ages!


Sunday 17th September went back down The 'Port for the Crow Point Festival next to the Transporter Bridge.  Had a bit of a dance to Roni Size, before Newport's finest Goldie Lookin Chain played a set of classics including Your Mother's Got a Penis, Dragon Taxis, Soap Bar and Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do.


Tuesday 19th September was at Barfly to see The Shy Magnolias.  They sounded brilliant with a huge sound, considering they were on the Barfly sound system.


Friday 29th September was another great set from Shy Magnolias at Dempseys in Cardiff. Unforrunately turned up too late to see The Damps.


Saturday 30th Seprember in Clwb Ifor Bach was another brilliant set from the Poppies, with even more new songs!!  Support from Spencer McGarry Band was also very good even though only caught the end, can't remember Plant Duw.


Thursday 5th October back in Clwb again, this time for The Keys, who unfortunately were only the support for Field Music, so had a much shorter set tan usual, but still brilliant.


Saturday 7th October, Clwb Ifor Bach again, first on being a band standing in for The Peakz, no idea who they were though, followed by MC Saizmundo with an entertaining barrage of ranting.


Wednesday 11th October went to Buffalo Bar in Cardiff to see the Shy Magnolias, who's recent sets have been amazing, and this was another one to add for that, it's just a shame not  many people turned up!


Friday 13th October was in Clwb Ifor Bach for an impressive line-up of Zabrinski, Y Ffyrc and Y Rei.  All the bands played storming sets, a brilliant gig in all.


Wednesday 18th October went to see the Black hand Laser Band play am acoustic gig in a house in Canton.  It was good to see a band in a different setting, and to eat party food whilst they played a great set.


Friday 20th October in Clwb Ifor Bach was a welcome return for El Goodo who played an amazing set full of great tunes and loads of new ones too, although it was fairly short as they were supporting The Essex Green who were OK.


Saturday 21st October was in Callaghans and saw We Are Trees who were quite good.


Wednesday 25th October went to see Kutosis in Dempseys, but they had to cancel due to an accident so saw some other bands, but can't rememner the names.


Tuesday 7th November recorded the first track for my new band She's Got Spies, Dy Wallt Di, at last!


Wednesday 15th recorded the second track for She's Got Spies, Dw i Wedi Marw.


Friday 24th November went to Cardiff Barfly to see the Poppies who played a brilliant set with loads of new songs to a packed out club.  The support were the Blood Arm who were quite boring.


25th November went to see The Charlatans at the Cardiff Student's Union on their Greatest Hits tour.  They played a greay show with loads of old favourites, with my personal highlight being Weirdo.


1st December was the Peski Records Christmas party at Clwb Ifor Bach.  First on were Silence At Sea followed by Victims of Convenience with Jakokoyak headlining, who played a brilliant set, played whilst wearing a seasonal Christmas jumper!


2nd December El Goodo played a blinding set in a packed out Callaghans in Cardiff, with loads of new songs.


7th December the Tafod tour came to Clwb Ifor Bach with Y Ffyrc, Kentucky AFC and Amlder.  Clwb was surprisingly very empty, but all the bands played good sets, even though the previous Y Ffyrc gig in Clwb was loads better.


13th December saw The Poppies at TJs in Newport who played a great set full of new songs.  Also playing were The Strand who only caught the end of and headlining were Attack and Defend who played a good set.


14th December The Keys played upstairs in Dempseys in Cardiff.  They played an amazing set with a few new songs alongside some classics and the recently rarely played Love Your Sons and Daughters.  Unfortunately missed most of the Black Hand Laser Band who were supporting.


31st December ended the year watching the Poppies at Barfly in Cardiff.  Yet again they pulled off another set full of loud, catchy pop tunes and was a great band to see out 2006 with!