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Thursday 11th January was down at the Barfly, Cardiff to watch The Keys who played a brilliant set, with the emphasis on rock songs this time.  I can't remember who the support were, only saw a bit anyway.


Sunday 14th January recorded a new She's Got Spies song Methu Meddwl.


Sunday 21st January recorded She's Got Spies song Nos Allan.


Friday 1st February recorded a new She's Got Spies song, Seeing Red.


Thursday 8th February went to Buffalo Bar in Cardiff where the Black Sepent Choir were playing electro music under the disguise of masks.  Zabrinksi and Dr Kiko were on the decks.


Thursday 22nd February just got to Dempseys in Cardiff in time for another energetic set from the Poppies, and they also played Gucci which was great.


Saturday 24th February went down to the Bandit studio to record She's Got Spies song Dw i Wedi Marw.  Was very scary as was my first ever live performance but loved it!


Monday 26th February was the first proper date of the Gruff Rhys tour starting in the Riverfront in Newport.  The set was performed from within a 3D-vision television set and he played lots of songs from the two solo albums, an amazing gig.


Tuesday 27th February Gruff Rhys performed an exclusive half-hour set in a packed out Spillers Records in Cardiff, although seeing as he had a cold he couldn't play certain songs, but was a great atmosphere and a brilliant little gig.


Wednesday 28th February recorded another She's Got Spies song Yn Ol Eto (can't get the bloody accents to work on this flash thing..grr) which is again different from the others, a lot heavier this time.


Dydd Iau 1af Mawrth oedd Dydd Dewi Sant.  Es i i gastell Caerdydd achos roedd hi am ddim.


Monday 5th March went to see Euros Childs play an absolutely amazing gig in The Point in Cardiff.  Can't wait to see the next gig!


Wednesday 7th March had to do my first interview in Welsh for Bandit on the band and site which was really scary.


Friday 9th March went to UWIC's Howard Gardens in Cardiff to see the Blcak Hand Laser Band.  It was the first time I'd seen them playwith the full band line-up and it was great.  Support band Talk were also very good.


Saturday 10th March was a brilliant gig in Clwb Ifor Bach.  Radio Luxembourg were headliners and played a brilliant set full of catchy songs, including new single Mostyn A Diego and the support band the Spencer McGarry Season were also great.


Thursday 15th March went to see the Shy Magnolias play in Cardiff's Buffalo bar.  Their set was brilliant, it was just a shame couldn't see or hear enough of them in the rubbish layout of Buffalo.  Also playing were We Are Trees.


Thursday 22nd March went to Clwb Ifor Bach to see The Keys.  THey played a brillilant set, along with my favourite Chemistry.


Saturday 24th March went to Clwb Ifor Bach for a change to see Ashokan who I hadn't seen in aaaaages!  They were great, my highlight of the set being Dim Coes Dim Brec.  Mattoidz were also playing.


Thursday 29th March went to Clwb Ifor Bach again, this time to see Poppies, another brilliant gig.


Thursday 5th April O played my first ever gig in my band She's Got Spies in Clwb Ifor Bach.  I was really, really nervous at first, but loved it.  We were support for Threatmantics who played more Gorkyesque tunes and Mr Huw also played who was also good.


Saturday 7th April went to see Bis at the London Islington Academy.  They were amazing!!!  First time I've seen them in 9 years and they were still as brilliant as ever.  They played all the classics, ending of course with Kandypop.  Was great to see them back!


Sunday 15th April was still in London to see Euros Childs play in Koko in Camden.  His set was brilliant but the audience didn't seem to give a toss and appeared to have died because they were more interested in seeing the headliners Peter Bjorn and John with their whistling song.  I on the other hand couldn't be bothered to stick around for them.


Saturday 21st April went to Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff to see Genod Droog who were great.  They had a stripped down set with no balloons and fireworks etc but were still brilliant.  Support came from Black Hand Laser Band who were also great.  There were 2 other supports I think but can't remember who, Pwsi Meri Mew possibly.


Tuesday 24th Apr re-recorded She's Got Spies song Yn Ol Eto again.  Will eventually get this song finished, gobeithio.


Saturday 28th April was the best gig this year so far when I went up to Glasgow's Tramway to see Gruff Rhys, Euros Childs, Boom Bip and Espers.  First on was Boom Bip, which was strange to have the electronic act on first as people didn't seem in the mood for it so early.  Next on was Euros Childs who was amazing, Espers were alright but went on a bit too long and Gruff Rhys' set was phenomenal, no encore was played but none was needed.


6th May went to see The Poppies in Clwb Ifor Bach, Cardiff play in the first of their joint gigs with the Donde Stars and the Strand.  All the bands were great and Poppies played even MORE new songs, they seem to have more and more new ones each gig!


Thursday 10th May went to the Ciwdod 3rd Birthday Party gig in Clwb Ifor Bach. Playing were Texas Radio Band, Plant Duw and can't remember the other band that were on first, then went off to the Buffalo Bar to see the Black Hand Laser Band play.


Saturday 12th May went to see cate Le Bon in Callaghans, Cardiff.  Her set was great but the place was so rammed full of people and the sound system so crap couln't see or hear as much as would've liked to.  Gruff Rhys was also DJing hence the place being so packed.


Sunday 3rd June recorded a new She's Got Spies track, Gweld Dwbl.


Monday 4th June recorded a new She's Got Spies track, Anweledig.


Friday 8th June was She's Got Spies' second gig, which was yet again in Clwb Ifor Bach. Playing with us was Plastercast Peacock, an off-shoot of Black Hand Laser Band members, who played a good psychadelic set.  Headlining were the Koolaid Electric Company who were a bit boring for me.


Monday 11th June was Super Furry Animals first gig of 2007 in Cardiff's Clwb Ifor Bach, which meant I didn't have to go anywhere different for a change.  They played loads of their best songs like Zoom, Slow Life and Receptacle for the Respectable, along with seven new songs from their forthcoming album Hey Venus.  Support came from Richard James.


Thursday 14th June was the last of the Super Furry Animals gig in Clwb Ifor Bach, and by then they had much improved on the first gig.  They were on top form, the songs sounded amazing, with Runaway being one of the highlights of the new songs from the set.  Support came from Cate Le Bon.


Saturday 22nd June went to, you guessed it, Clwb Ifor Bach.  Just caught the end of The Damps jangly-guitar set and headliners were the Shy Magnolias who were brilliant and had lovely stage lighting and a sparkling drumkit.


Friday 6th July went to Barfly in Cardiff to see Zabrinski who had cool light up rings and things. Unfortunately this is now going to be one of their last gigs.  

Sunday 8th July recorded another She's Got Spies song Beth Bynnag.


Friday 13th July played another gig in the Model Inn in Cardiff along with The Stilettoes who were great, although all the sound was rubbish.  Also playing were Dancing Bullets, Rebownder and Clinigol.


Saturday 14th July was sent to Coventry and went to the Godiva festival to see Super Furry Animals.  Was surprised at the size of the setup of the festival considering it was free, and SFA were great.  Then proceeded to nick the Enemy's pitta pouches cos was starving.


Tuesday 24th July went to see Euros Childs play in the tiny Europa Cafe in Cardiff.  I think about 70 or so people crammed in to see Euros play a set of songs from his new album The Miracle Inn along with the older albums and also some Gorky's stuff.  Also playing was Cate Le Bon who has a brilliant voice, who was joined onstage by Rich James and Sweet Baboo also played a set.


Saturday 4th August was this years Big Weekend festival in Cardiff.  Saw reggae star Jimmy Cliff in an orange line-up which was good, there were also some world music bands, can't remember who.


Sunday 5th August went to Big Weekend festival again, this time the Magic Numbers were headlining.  They were good, but a bit samey and dull after a while.  Went on some rides, saw council tax money going up in smoke with the fireworks.


Friday 10th August She's Got Spies played on the Llwyfan Perfformio in this year's National Eisteddfod in Mold. It was brilliant although very strange playing to lots of people eating burgers and kebabs on the Maes.  Also saw Plant Duw and a bit of Derwyddon Dr Gonzo who were on before us.  Later on at Maes B saw Mr Huw, Y Rei, Gwyneth Glyn, Sibrydion and headliner Euros Childs.


Friday 17th August went off to this years Green Man festival in Crickhowell.  Unfortunately missed Richard James cos turned up late, but later on saw Euros Childs who was brilliant. Memory of this day is a bit of a blur so can't remember which other bands were playing.


Saturday 18th August was the second day of Green Man.  The rain REALLY started to come down today leaving the site a huge swamp of mud.  Luckily had my wellies, but my memory of what bands I saw is clouded in a haze of mud.  Although I think I saw some of John Power and Robert Plant was headlining.


Sunday 19th August was the last day of Green Man.  This was the best festival i've been to this year, even after the torrential rain and mud.  This day saw Threatmantics who were shambollicly great, Cate Le Bon was brilliant and Gruff Rhys was amazing.  Think I saw Stephen Malkamus and some other bands as well, once again memory shrouded in mud.


Saturday 25th August went to the Cardiff Calling festival.  Turned up late so missed most bands, but when I got there the Automatic were just finishing and afterwards SFA played.  Unfortunately it was a very rough set and the worst I've seen them play in years.


Sunday 26th August She's Got Spies played at the Brazz Cafe in Cardiff's Millenium Centre.  Was a bizarre gig, even more so cos Matthew couldn't make it so played with a backing track and stand-in band.


Monday 27th August was the Buffalo Bar Micro Festival in Cardiff.  Saw White Noise Sound, Sweet Baboo and headlining was Cate Le Bon with full band, who was good, but sounded much better at Green Man with the more acoustic-sounding band.  The garden was rammed full of people and saw some other bands there.


Tuesday 28th August went to Spillers Records to see Euros Childs play a set.  Played songs from the last two albums as well as a song Look At My Boots, which had changed from Look At My Fridge from the last gig.


Saturday 1st September She's Got Spies played at the Deffro'r Ddinas festival in Callaghans in Cardiff.  The organisation was a bit of a shambles, but enjoyed it anyway, saw some good bands like The Stilletoes (who only played for 10 mins-see shambolic organisation), Dancing Bullets and more.


Sunday 2nd September She's Got Spies played at the Gwyl Macs in Carmarthen.  There was a brilliant line-up, but for some reason there was barely anybody there which was very disappointing and a bit depressing!  Saw Zabrinski play their last ever gig and Radio Luxembourg were great.


Fri/Saturday 8th September She's Got Spies recorded a session for Radio Cymru in the Miners Welfare in Resolven with Pixy.  We recorded three songs: Dechrau Haf, Beth Bynnag and Yn Ol Eto(at last!!)


Saturday 15th September went down to the End of the Road festival in Dorset.  Was great, with a Green Man-esque atmosphere to it.  Super Furry Animals were absolutely amazing, and played Let the Wolves Howl at the Moon (hurray!).  Also saw The Bees who were really good, and drank hot cider which I'd never actually heard of before!


Sunday 16th September was still at The End of the Road festival.  On early in the aftrenoon was Euros Childs who was brilliant, then also saw Archie Bronson Outfit and some other bands whose names I can't remember, drank more hot cider!


Monday 17th September, on the way back from EOTR did an interview for the Radio Cymru session with Huw Stephens, totally sleep deprived but never mind.


Thursday 27th September went up to Manchester's Roadhouse to see Euros Childs with Threatmantics, who were both great.


Friday 28th September went to quite possibly the worst gig ever due to the crap organisation, sound and everything else at Tafod in Cardiff.  The Stilletoes (who were brilliant despite the terrible setup) played alongside some other bands who'd all had their names spelt wrong on the crap flyers, including 'MC Saizmondo' and 'Random Elbow'.


Monday 1st October had an extremely long trip up to Glasgow due to the coach breaking down in Newport, but when I eventually got there went to see Euros Childs in King Tuts.


Monday 8th October She's Got Spies played a gig in Cardiff's Buffalo Bar.


Wednesday 10th October did the first shoot of the She's Got Spies video Gweld Dwbl with Bandit in glamorous Splott.  Lots of kaliedoscope lenses and stuff.


Thursday 18th October was up in Glasgow, Barrowlands again to see Super Furry Animals first mainland UK date of the Hey Venus tour.  They were amazing with a major change to the setlist with songs from the album as well as oldies such as She's Got Spies!


Friday 19th October came down to Liverpool, Carling Academy to see Super Furry Animals again.  They were on top form again.Monday 22nd October filmed Gweld Dwbl video for She's Got Spies during the day in Barry Memorial Hall and at night went to see Euros Childs in Tommy's Bar, UWIC in Cardiff.  He was brilliant as usual.


Wednesday 24th October She's Got Spies played a gig in Dempseys, Cardiff.


Monday 29th October I went to Bristol, Carling Academy to see Super Furries on the Hey Venus tour again.  Slightly changed setlist on the tour, still brilliant because they finished with Keep The Cosmic Trigger Happy instead of TMDGAF.


Friday 2nd November went to London, Roundhouse to see Super Furry Animals (again). The venue was amazing as were SFA.


Saturday 3rd November still in London Roundhouse for Super Furry Animals again!  The tour came to a fantastic end with a huge set full of Hey Venus songs and lots of oldies from all the albums.


Friday 9th November was the first day of Cardiff's Swn festival.  Had a mishap with alcohol at the previous night's Bandit Swn opening party so missed most gigs, although did turn up late to the Point to see the last few songs of Beirut, but unfortunatly missed Rich James and Cate Le Bon.


Saturday 10th November was the second day of Swn and I popped down to Buffalo Bar in the afternoon to see Radio Luxembourg who were great. Later She's Got Spies were playing the Radio Cymru C2 night in Clwb Ifor Bach.  After us were Eitha Tal Ffranco, Brigyn, Threatmantics, Texas Radio Band, Plant Duw and Genod Droog.


Sunday 11th November was the final night of Cardiff's Swn festival.  Saw an American band whose name I can't remember in Clwb Ifor Bach and wandered around the various venues.


Friday 16th November was The Poppies last ever gig in Clwb Ifor Bach.  They played loads of new and old stuff and was a big shame to see them go.


Friday 23rd November went to Clwb Ifor Bach to see Black Hand Laser Band who were great, although I'm not sure how they managed to fit that many people on the downstairs dstage.  Afterwards was Freelovebabies.


Friday 30th November went to see the Stilletoes in Tommy's Bar, UWIC in Cardiff.  It was a shame that the place was empty but they were still great.  Afterwards were the Panacea Society who are one of the most bizarre bands I have ever seen.


Friday 14th December went to see MC Mabon play his first gig in 3 years in Cardiff's Clwb Ifor Bach.  MC Saizmundo was support.


Saturday 15th December went to the Peski party in Clwb Ifor Bach.  Missed Black Hand Laser  Band which was a shame, but saw Jakokoyak for the first time in ages who was top of the pops, followed by Cate Le Bon who was great and Attack and Defend were headlining.


Monday 31st December went to the Super Furry Animals New Year's Eve party in London's Royal Festival Hall.  They played three sets consisting of more than 30 songs spanning their career.  It was fantastic, and the whole building was taken over by various acts, including support acts Deerhoof and Adam Hussain.