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Oxford- 23/05/2005 Brookes Uni Student Union The gig was the first SFA tour gig of the year, and was showcasing some of the new songs from the forthcoming album Love Kraft. The same pre-gig DJing on the decks were up on screen with the band writing topical messages on pieces of paper about the BBC strike and the like!  They started playing with the still epic Slow Life, followed by RATW before playing some of the new songs.  One of my favourites of the new songs was Frequency, which I instantly fell in love with, with lush harmonies over soft melodies.  Lead vocals were also sung by Daf and Cian on one song and Bunf on another.  Yet again SFA have proved that they can still keep churning out amazing songs after all the years, although the set was sadly lacking of a Welsh song. The set was yet again finished with the trademark The Man Don't Give A Fuck, although with a different techno ending, ending a gig with a fairly placid crowd but an amazing preview of the new album from the band, although still can't understand how the gig wasn't even sold out!