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Oxford Zodiac -26/08/2004 Review: SFA played in the small capacity venue the Oxford Zodiac for the first time in years, as a warm up gig to the Reading and Leeds Festivals.  In the past the warm up gigs seemed to be better than the festival appearances so I decided to go along and was not disappointed, although I did in the end find the Reading appearance better. SFA played the fairly standard setlist now, starting off with Slow Life, and as it was the Zodiac, Gruff introduced the band and their star signs!  The band had again lost the visuals, but the crowd seemed to warm up near the beginning rather than at the end which has been the case at a lot of the recent gigs.   Again they played a new song The Gateway Song, which seemed to have got even shorter since they played it in Brecon for the first time, but nevertheless still great.  The set was the same as the Brecon gig, but without Cryndod Yn Dy Lais unfortunately, and during the set people were constantly shouting requests, which at one point Gruff sang the first line of Foxy Music before launching into the actual songs on the setlist. Again The Man Dont Give A Fuck was the closure, with cool lasers in the techno bit!