super furry animals

Port Talbot- 24/09/2005 Afan Lido This gig was the last mainland gig of the tour, and also the only Welsh date, but sadly the atmosphere wasnt as good as it could have been, not helped by the fact that the Afan Lido soundsystem didnt match up to other venues standards.  Nethertheless it was still a great gig.  Sadly Frequency was dropped from the set, but in its place was the brilliant Motherfokker featuring Goldie Lookin Chain, which sadly doesnt get played as often live as it should be.  Some of the other highlight songs of the set were the epic Zoom and Cloudberries, and now classic Receptacle For The Respectable, complete with Gruff chomping on celery during the middle of the song, and the heavy metal ending culminating in Gruff, Guto and Bunf doing the signature crossing of guitars. The crowd livened up during the old classics at the end like Ice Hockey Hair and Something For The Weekend, and I saw SFA being loaded up on the van in their golf buggy, sadly for the last time on this tour, although an amazing time was had throughout.