super furry animals

London Royal Festival Hall -1/10/2004 Lightning Fryday SFA pre-set warm up Gruff and Bunf played a set at the beginning of the night, where they welcomed everyone to the People's Festival Hall, and ad-libbed a couple of songs about not being able to inflate the red inflatable Pete Fowler bear, which was very funny, before doing an acoustic version of Fire In My Heart. Elsewhere there was an exhibition of Pete Fowlers work, and an SFA memorabilia display, with old neon signs, T-shirts and monsters. (I was upset I couldn't have the red neon sign!) Support : The main support of the night was, you guessed it, Zabrinski, who rather strangely played after the main SFA set, see Zabrinski section for review and pics. Other support was Rich James from Gorky's, who played a mellow countrified set, and Euros from Gorky's seemed to be one of the people cheering loudest for him! Also there was Mugison, a solo Icelandic guitarist with electronica, and Brave Captain, who I managed to miss somehow.