eisteddfod casnewydd 2004

Saturday 7th August 2004 On the final night of Eisteddfod went straight to TJs as got to Newport too late to see Winabego play the Abri night unfortunately.  First on was hyperactive MC Saizamundo with his usual rants.  Next on were a very well received Ashokan,  with some dressed in costume.  The bassist had a cordless guitar, so kept wandering off the stage and run around the back of the crowd, then return on the other side of the stage, was bizarre but funny.  They played an energetic, rocky set which left the crowd wanting more.  Last band on were Kentucky AFC who played a set all in Welsh, which was a bit of a change to the previous day at Compass Point Festival in Cardiff, but went out on a good note, followed by Huw Stephens playing some cool tunes to dance to, including GLC's Guns Don't Kill People, Rappers Do. Safe.