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Dolgellau- 15/07/2005 Sesiwn Fawr Once again donning their glowing outfits, SFA opened their first ever performance broadcast live on television with the epic Slow Life.  Welsh songs were a welcome return to the setm which have been sadly lacking recently, including the brilliant Nid Dt Torra Fy Ngwallt Yn Hir which got everyone dancing around madly!  The new songs from Love Kraft were once again previewed in the middle of the set, including the amazing, orchestrative and stunning Love Kraft opening track Zoom.  This song has already been receiving appreciation from fans and was one of the highlights of the set. Towards the end the set slowed down more after the soft Atomik Lust, with Nythod Cacwn and the beautiful Cryndod Yn Du Lais, before the tempo of the set went up dramatically with old classics like Something For The Weekend and Ice Hockey Hair. The atmosphere was amazing in the beautiful surroundings of Dolgellau at the base of Caer Idris, in true style of the band's North Wales gigs, as they closed with The Man Don't Give a Fuck with the extended ending.