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London Royal Festival Hall -1/10/2004

Lightning Fryday


The band played the main event of the Lightning Fryday festival in the main audtorium in the Festival Hall, which they wanted to rename the People's Festival Hall for the night.

SFA played two separate sets, as they did at the previous nights warm-up gig, although a couple of songs were cut from it.

The first, mellower set was suitable for the seated venue, although it still felt a bit awkward not being able to dance.

By the time the band came back for their second set, the crowd were more than ready to dance, and people in the stalls rushed out of their seats and to the front in a scene of craziness which probably hasn't been seen very much before in the RFH.

I was up on the balcony, hence the distant pictures, but even up there people were out of their seats and dancing.  By the end of the second set the atmosphere was absolutely electric, especially during the anthemic closer The Man Don't Give a Fuck, and was the perfect ending to a brilliant night!