super furry animals

London- 08/07/2005 Somerset House The mood was clearly subdued after the previous days terrorist attack on the city, but the show still went on. The setting of the venue was spectacular, with a full surround system in place to amplify the full glory of the Furries. SFA came onstage in their new fibre optic lightsuits to the amazing Slow Life, which is a song that always sounds best in surround sound.   The new songs sounded amazing, including the absolutely amazing Zoom, for which the lights went down and the bands lightsuits went on, so that you could see the glowing figures of the band against the spectacular light show. Unfortunately during Juxtaposed With U there were technical problems with the vocoder, meaning most of the vocals were lost, but still the crowd were dancing and cheering at the end for the old classics, the best of which was Ice Hockey Hair. A fantastic gig which quite rightly still went on in the face of adversity, that climaxed with the techno ending in the full surround to The Man Don't Give a Fuck, although an ending of Gweirddiau Dwfn would have been a lot better and more appropriate.