super furry animals

London Royal Festival Hall -1/10/2004 Super Furry Saturday (+Lightning Fryday) The day after Lightning Fryday was Super Furry Saturday at the National Film Theatre, where they showed some of their old videos and had a chat with Gruff, Bunf and the video producer before previewing American Sasquatch, the tour diary video which will be on the Songbook DVD. After the screening there was an SFA boat party on the Thames, with Gruff and Bunf DJing.  Gruff opened his set with Kum By Yah which left some people looking perplexed, but a lot of people were up and dancing later into the night. The bottom picture is of Howard Marks confession booth (on Lightning Fryday), where people confessed their sins to Howard Marks, which were then shown on the screen in the auditorium, some of which were rather bizarre!