eisteddfod casnewydd 2004

Thursday 5th August 2004 Another busy day which started off watching Pep Le Pew soundchecking at Abri, before moving on to my old regular Le Pub where Radio 1 were broadcasting live from with the Bethan Elfin and Huw Stephens show.  We missed Jakokoyak by the time we got to the small pub which was extremely packed, but saw Rich James of Gorkys perform one of his new solo songs. Next we wnet to TJs again, where we had missed the Poppies but saw Mwsog.  They were a great mellow band, another of my highlight bands of the festival, followed by a rocky, rather mediocre Mattoidz.  Headlining were Drymbago who are a jazzy, chillout kind of band, but I would have much rather have seen Texas Radio Band who were originally billed to headline this night (but didn't play because of band members in Spain.)