SFA setlist-cardiff  ms1 27/06/2003

Review The warm-up gig for Glastonbury turned out more like what the Glastonbury performance should have been like, which was let down by the video and monitors failing and a crap sounding system.   Rumoured to be having the Flaming Lips as a support band, they ended up having no support, but the long wait until they came on at ten was worth it in the end! The set wasn't as long as the epic set at Bethesda the previous weekend, but SFA filled the tiny club, and subsequently the hot and sticky club filled with sweat! The band came on to Furryvision before playing a range of songs from the past albums, although sadly lacking any Fuzzy Logic, as well as tracks from at the time soon to be released Phantom Power. Yet again Gruff got out his power ranger outfits, but the yeti outfits were sadly lacking (although not surprising in the heat!) In all a brilliant gig to get in the mood for Glastonbury Festival the next day!