eisteddfod casnewydd 2004

Wednesday 4th August 2004 Spent the start of the day at Abri in the Ebbw Bridge Club, which was an exhausting long walk out of Newport, where we chilled out then watched some energetic school boy bands in the battle of the bands, then left before Kentucky AFC started to go and see another of the highlight bands of the Eisteddfod, Winabego who were first on at TJs.  We missed the beginning of the set, but the end was brilliant anyway.  They were followed by Mozz, which was apparently their last performance as a full band, but missed part of their set as popped over the road the Riverside Tavern.  Jakokoyak was also really good, and it seemed to be the only day at TJs that was filmed by a full camera crew.  The headliners were Sherbet Antlers with Llwybr Llaethog, with the latter being the better part of the performance.